The endless roads of art by Maura Bruno

Le infinite strade dell’arte di Maura Bruno

At Parioli in Milan we met the artist Maura Bruno.

In the following interview he tells us how his passion for art and the collaboration with the well-known Brand4italy was born.


Hi Maura, how did you get into drawing and painting?

“I lived a very painful childhood and thanks to painting I found a way to express emotions that I could hardly have expressed in words. Life has taken me down different paths: I dreamed of becoming a dancer, but at the age of twenty-one I suffered a serious accident that compromised my career. So I undertook studies in osteopathy, naturopathy and chromotherapy which brought me back to my first great passion, art“.


What does the drawing represent for you?

“Drawing for me represents the maximum form of expression. Through colors and brushstrokes on canvas I can express the joy, anger, love I feel in that precise moment, for this reason my works are truly unique pieces. Furthermore, I am very attentive to the study of colors, which have a great influence on the psycho-physical state of those who observe my works”.

Do you think art can improve people’s lives?

“Definitely yes, that’s why in my long artistic journey I have deepened the study and use of color and how this can affect people’s mood. The best compliment I can receive is that my works bring joy and well-being, because this is precisely my purpose”.

How did the collaboration with Brand4italy come about?

“The collaboration with Brand4italy was born thanks to a great friendship shared with the founder of the brand, Luca, a very kind and affable person”.

Do you have a drawing of yours that has remained particularly close to your heart?

“Each of my works has a different meaning, also closely related to the type of period I’m going through. However, there are some paintings with which I have a strong bond and others that remind me of a rather stormy moment, but deep down I love all my works”.

Future plans?

“For the future, I have many projects in the pipeline, but for the moment I can’t reveal anything yet”.

Where can you buy your works?

“My works can be purchased by contacting me on the Instagram page @maurabrunoartist, on the site or by joining me directly in my atelier”.

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