Maura Bruno – Many VIPs at the exhibition “Colors & Mind”

Maura Bruno – Many VIPs at the exhibition “Colors & Mind”

Immersed in a riot of flowers and colors, the preview of the exhibition took place yesterday, organized by Carmen D’ Elena, “Colors & Mind” by the painter Maura Bruno, an artist of great talent and temperament who uses colors as true and proper therapy, especially in a historic moment like this in which human beings have been and are tested by the reality that unfortunately sees the whole world as the protagonist, between pandemic and war, in a succession of unprecedented stress.

We have all lost sight of the sense of living in peace, without global external attacks that greatly affect our psycho-physical well-being. Colors are vibrations, flowers a symbol of transformation and change. Looking at so much wonder brings well-being, serenity and a sense of inner peace, which each of us needs. This is the message that the artist Maura Bruno delivers to us, a precious message that reaches the observer straight through her art.

Yesterday 30 May and today 31 May, the Patrizia Anastasi art gallery in Rome was able to host this fascinating vernissage, which was attended by many well-known faces from the entertainment world. From Stefano Sala and his beautiful wife and model Dasha Kina, Milena Miconi, Matilde Brandi, Irene Capuano, Daniela Martani, Jane Alexander, Fanny Cadeo, Selvaggia Roma, Manuela Arcuri…and last but not least the undisputed idol of the 80s and ‘ 90 of Italian women, Ridge of “Beautiful” or the actor Ronn Moss, in love with Italy to the point of having moved to live here, in wonderful Puglia, together with his inseparable wife.

Many well-known faces to admire, appreciate and draw energy from the colorful paintings of the artist Maura Bruno.

Together with the sparkling vibrations of visual art, the notes of a very sweet flute intervened to enrich and give a further moment of “magic”, played by a very young and very talented flautist, Jacopo Urso, loaned for the occasion by the Rome Chamber Music Festival, the chamber music festival with the great violinist Robert Mcduffie as artistic director.

We believe that, in times like these, such messages should be encouraged more and more. Art and culture save the soul.

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