Parade of VIPs at Parioli in Milan for Maura Bruno

Parata di Vip al Parioli di Milano per Maura Bruno

Brand 4 Italy presented a great artist, Maura Bruno, at the Parioli in Milan. During the evening some of his works and the line of T-shirts created in collaboration with the brand were exhibited. This liason was born thanks to a mutual friendship with the owner of the Brand 4 italy brand Luca Dozio: “The collaboration with Brand4italy was born thanks to a great friendship shared with the founder of the Brand, Luca Dozio, a very kind, affable person and a great expert in the world of communications”; so the artist tells us. Many VIP guests were present at the event including Simona Ventura, her sister Sara Ventura, the former Beijing Express competitor Sarah Balivo, the singer Pago, internationally renowned sportsmen such as Mark Iuliano and Nicola Amoruso, the son of Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini Niccolo and Rudy Smaila.

Maura Bruno is an artist originally from a small town in the province of Turin, Bricherasio. Her passion for painting was born from an early age and then transformed into a real job today. Maura, thanks to an in-depth study of color theory, manages to convey through her paintings a state of well-being in the observer. Each color gives off a vibration, transmits healing strength, protects and opens the mind. You can buy his works directly on the or directly in his Atelier.

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